Collect 2010

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Although most of the work at this year’s Collect – at the Saatchi Gallery – was just slightly out of my price range, there was still some great stuff to see. A real mix. Although technically a craft fair, it pushes the boundaries of what craft is. There was traditional craft, but then there were objects that verged on fine art, and sculpture.

The stools below, for instance, by Oskar Zieta, look as if they are made from plastic – resembling half blown up beach balls. Amazingly, they are almost exactly that, only with steel instead of plastic. Ultra-thin sheets of steel are welded together around their edges and inflated under high-pressure, meaning that each seat is unique, but also very strong.

Also on show was the Clock Clock by Humans Since 1982. I’ve only ever seen photos of this, so to see – and hear – the whole thing move around is just brilliant. Great fun. You would need a decent sized room though.

More fine art/sculpture than design, this chair (by Caroline Broadhead) sat quietly and mostly unnoticed in the gallery. A normal wooden chair, it had red piping around some of it. If you stood in the right position it looked as if the chair was outlined in red. From elsewhere there were just bits of red. In a room of people I seemed to be the only one bobbing my head up and down, left and right, to get into the right position…

Somewhere between craft and fine art were a selection of ‘extended’ spoons by David Clarke, represented by Gallery S O. I could only find this picture online, but there were many different ones – all witty in their own way. A spoonful of sugar never tasted so good.

And finally, some work by Margherita Marchioni. A necklace made from tiny chunks of coloured pencil, which was great fun, and a light made from empty Yakult bottles! Lovely.