Jean-Jacques Perrey

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Jean-Jacques Perrey (above, left) is a bit of a legend here at MARC&ANNA — his track ‘Groovy Leprechauns’ playing us out of the door at the end of many a week.

So while Marc was attending the AV08 festival in Newcastle this weekend he couldn’t resist dropping in to a lecture given by the great man himself. At 79, once promoter of the Ondioline – one of the very first synthesisers – and collaborator with the likes of Edith Piaf and Salvador Dali, this man has a lot to tell.

If you do one thing this week, make looking up this man’s music a part of it.

Pushed into a very closed second was a great talk from Dick Mills, of the BBC Radiophonic workshop, and creator of the now classic original Dr Who title music.